Custom commands not working on yt

I’m streaming daily and using nightbot on my yt stream.But there’s an error from the day one it replies to all other commands like hi,hello,etc but do not reply to one which is !epic which should give my ign.Tried every way possible by deleting command and signing out but nothing worked.Please help if someone know.

What is the !epic comman supposed to output exactly how do you write your ign?

It’s like if a viewer write !epic in chat the reply to the command should be “Blazee273 is my epic” but instead there is no reply:(

So are all your custom commands not working or just this one? Also have you tried editing/adding it via the dashboard?

Yess sir I have tried doing all the things like signing out and again signing in,deleting several times,etc nothing seemed to be working.Other custom commands like Hi,Hello,etc are working fine.

Ok whenever you’re on your dashboard does it show that the command actually is there/exists?

Yeah ofc it shows up,have tried many times editing it n deleting it but turns out to be the same thing.

Make sure there’s no aliases assigned to it and if there isn’t can you link me to your commands page?

How can I link you??

I need the link that you get when you type “!commands” in chat

Actually idk how to get the link,I’m not live rn so how can I provide you the link,is there any other way?

What’s you nightbot username?

Blazee273 is my username

Hopefully someone who knows why this might be happening is able to get to you. Sorry I wasn’t able to help. (I cant find your nightbot page with your commands so I can’t try to help any further)

It’s ok mate thanks for your time🙌🏻

The command looks properly setup for your channel. Try following this troubleshooting guide first: Nightbot Troubleshooting

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