[Custom API] Valorant MMR Rank API v1

I am proud to announce the Release of Valorant MMR Rank API: Change in RR in last recent map.

Note: See the beginning of this thread

it works sometimes. it is not right now. is there a limitation if we put more than 1 urlfetch in 1 message ?


what does the command response in nightbot look like?

There’s no limitation but it will be a slow response as it will fetch 2 queries and merge into 1 command. Chatbot doesn’t wait. It will just display whatever it fetches even if the result took longer than expected (due to overwhelmed usage).

You could try to separate it into 2 commands.

just to be clear. the backend do it sequentially and not parallelly ?

My friend has been getting the error 400 response for some days now. I’ve checked that the ID, tag, and region are in properly and even redid it a couple of times but still getting the same error.