[Custom API] Valorant MMR Rank API v1

I am proud to announce the Release of Valorant MMR Rank API: Change in RR in last recent map.

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it works sometimes. it is not right now. is there a limitation if we put more than 1 urlfetch in 1 message ?


what does the command response in nightbot look like?

There’s no limitation but it will be a slow response as it will fetch 2 queries (excluding account-uuid lookup) and merge into 1 command. Chatbot doesn’t wait. It will just display whatever it fetches even if the result took longer than expected (due to overwhelmed usage).

You could try to separate it into 2 commands.

just to be clear. the backend do it sequentially and not parallelly ?

My friend has been getting the error 400 response for some days now. I’ve checked that the ID, tag, and region are in properly and even redid it a couple of times but still getting the same error.

The code is implemented with await and async depending on the various API endpoints as each API will perform account-uuid lookup when fetching account information and then parse to the various API endpoints to process the Rank MMR but the chatbots don’t increase the timeout duration if the API fetches for a longer time which will result as HTTP Status 400.

So if you add another ID, Tag and Region to the same command, it will be even longer as what you have experienced.

I suggest you to split it up and put it something as !rank and !smurfrank

Can you provide me your friend’s ID, Tag and Region for my troubleshooting?

I just checked and it’s working now!

yess, i’m from brazil, it’s na right?

Yup! You may try it out or provide me your ID and Tag!

I am proud to announce the Release of Valorant MMR Rank API: Win-Lose within last ranked games in the past 24 hours!

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I am proud to announce the Release of Valorant MMR Rank API: Detailed Last Match Stats with K/D/A, shots and damages info!

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would it be possible to also get the data back as JSON?

so for example:


   "rr": 5,
   "mmr": 1205,
   "last_map": "breeze",
    and so on...

that would be extremely helpful

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Thanks for your interest! :slight_smile: I need more people to upvote your request so that I will have a plan to release it in JSON format near in the future!

how does one upvote?.. i would like to upvote the json idea ^^

Parsing error at position 11: Mismatched input list, missing end of inputs

May I know what is the riot id, tag and region?

I will setup a polling for it.