[Custom API] Valorant MMR Rank API v1

If u received null values means it has issue with your current ID/Tag where u might have recently changed ur handle.

Tracker.GG is more realtime to have leaderboard. The API leaderboard is based on the valorant leaderboard in the website but not realtime. Probably will develop this in future.

It is due too many requests to the server. For now, it is free for all where it doesn’t have any priority queue to receive the response. In future, I might implement premium user who supports the project to use priority queue so lower the connection issue difficulties.

This is in the plan in development in future (probably only available for premium project supporter) where it will need more resources to display match history at one code for more intensive computing power.

Translation module is not available and not coded. U might have to parse the result to another translate API/platform at the time being. This feature is taken as consideration for future development where it might be available only for premium project supporter.

that character after %20 isn’t supported for encoding. u might need to change ur username.

Hey im trying everything and for some reason i still cant get it to work, I keep getting messages like “error connecting to remote server” or “unexpected identifier” or “remote server returned code 400”

Or if you can are you able to make a link for me to use for !rank on nightbot? my valorant tag is centraleric#cakes

The server is yours?

Is it possible to add something like “X RR away from Radiant”? So it’d be like “Deify’s current RR is 200RR in Immortal 3. 300RR away from Radiant.”

Any update from this feature? I would really like this to be implemented

mine just didn’t work and i did everything right :frowning: when i try, it shows the message like: null - null

@kyroskoh still not workig :frowning: i swear, i tried a lot of things

hi! how would you edit it for someone with 2 names in the first part? my riot ID is “alien emoji#420” and i cant figure out how to change it in the command

replace the space with %20
like “frank moses” would be frank%20moses

Suddenly api returning Remote Server Returned Code 400
was working right 24 hours ago.
The last note

are u sure that u are in the correct region?

ty for your assistance in replying! :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the return code of status 400. The reason is having too many requests which have overwhelmed the worker nodes and these nodes will terminate earlier than expected since the response for the result will be delayed (bcos it can’t find the session)

I have released this API! :slight_smile: