[Custom API] Valorant MMR Rank API v1

Is it possible to include how much a person lost or won the game before and maybe even how much net rr the person got over the last 5 matches.Would be epic if this is possible to include :slight_smile:

It is possible to include this feature but it requires more computing power to display each of the matches results or sum up all the matches results into a single API return call.

Probably that will be a future enhancement as need to have more (high performance) servers to perform this - which will turns my Valorant API to be Freemium subscription basis for such features.

Hi, is it possible with your API to display a players peak rank, and if not, do you plan to implement this? Or shall I write something on my end that just queries all acts and grabs peak? Thank you!

I don’t have any plans to have this API added but I will do a poll on this soon. If this request is high demand, I will develop. But this might be a freemium feature since it will use more computing power.