[Custom API] ChatGPT - chat with your friend Nightbot!

Could you by chance allow other chatbots to perform requests? like streamelements?

Hiya, currently no plans to add other bots sorry!

Hiya, I’m not sure what you mean. Is the japanese text returned by the bot cut off mid-sentence? Curious if japanese characters are being processed wrong in my script. Do you have an example prompt I could use to test it.

It is used as follows
“$(urlfetch https://xgpt.gerhard.dev/api/command?q=$(querystring)%20write%20in%20Japanese)”

However, the returned Japanese content is cut off in the middle of a sentence.
Regardless of whether you say “answer within n characters”, “within n characters in Japanese”, or “answer within n characters using 2-byte characters as a single character”, the sentence will come back broken.

Thanks for the info! Since i dont speak japanese have you an example input you ask the bot? So I can test it here :slight_smile:

Whenever you ask a question about a game, for example, that seems to have a lot of letters to be returned, there is always a disconnect.

Below is an example of a question and answer written in Japanese.
(“。” is the English word “.” in English.)

Example:Project Zomboidについて。
Nightbot: てふに: Project Zomboidは、サバイバルホラーゲームであり、ゾンビの大群と戦いながら、物資の調達や建物の改築、共同生活の構築を行うことが目的です。高い自由度とリ" #y5h

Thanks for the info, I will look into it.

This used to work great but recently have been getting the error “Remote Server Returned Code 500” Any idea what this means? Thanks! Been happening the last couple of days.

Thanks for letting me know! If an error happens a couple days, you may always ping me earlier! :smiley:
Not sure how long this error was there, for now I put a band-aid on it.

Thank you! Will test it out now.

It is conversation id where the bot (chatgpt) will identify u are the same user since many other users are using at the same time in many conversation sessions. U can resume with the same conversation id if u want to continue the same topic that u have chatted before (as shown in the screenshot in the starter thread).

Hola, como puedo solucionar el error de: Error Connecting To Remote Server , me a pasado mucho y no se arregla:c

I’m getting that error occasionally with my own chatgpt bot that uses nightbot. I feel that it happens when nightbot gets rate limited. The logs on the server that I’m sending the fetchURL requests to show that the information from openAI is being received but it’s not getting sent back to twitch properly resulting in the “Error Connecting to Remote Server” error.

I’m not sure what can be done to mitigate these errors. Maybe @xgerhard has some thoughts?

espero que el tenga alguna idea porque necesito una solución :c

@criismyers_ottv please use english so I can help you better.
@pandaa so yes that error means that my website took to long to respond, I turned down some settings with the OpenAI API, so it communicates faster. Hopefully that helps.

I mean that the gpt chat command does not work for me, it shows me the error Connecting to remote server. how can I solve it? :c

Hmm yes I do see a bunch of errors which I’m looking into now…

@criismyers_ottv @pandaa Please let me know if it’s resolved now!

I was so confused why it wasn’t working, the reason was bad code obviously.
Explanation for whoever is interested, the code tries to generate a # code for each conversation. In the background theres a cleanup running which deletes old conversations, which stopped for no reason. So eventually there were no more codes available, but the code keeps trying endlessly… So yes, never make endless loops lol :upside_down_face:


thank you very much now it works much better

Is there a way to remove the need for a conversation recall code and have the “personality” remain static and constantly learning to the streams quirks rather than resetting with every question?