[Custom API] ChatGPT - chat with your friend Nightbot!

Thanks a lot, appreciate it!
The new version seems to be working great!

Gonna try this out tonite. Blessings to you.

Is there a way for him to respond only in Portuguese?

Hiya, I’ve noticed when I asked a qeustion in a foreign language the bot usually responds in that same language. Or you can ask the bot to reply in a specific language by specifying that in your question… " answer in portuguese".

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Hi! I started using this about 2 days ago and it was working perfectly fine but as of yesterday, the only response I now get is “Nightbot: Error, unexpected response…”

I have the same problem

@zTechy1 @sumyark thanks for the ping, that should be fixed!


can you change the line at XGPT/XGPT.php at 5656fe700323dd167f006fc001f4f228fabb1f38 · xgerhard/XGPT · GitHub

as we use this on youtube. and it keep saying twitch is just not good. and the limit is different for youtube.

Ah yes, good point! I will have a look at providing the correct platform name. The character limit will be the same for nightbot responses.

Is there a way to make it not so…pure? My chat can get pretty raunchy at times. We asked a few pg-13 questions and it seems to have a default G-rated only setting.

@xgerhard thanks for the amazing work with this! any plans to allow custom bots to utilize the fetch URL so we don’t have to use nightbot or are there limitations with that?

Hiya, hmm I don’t really have control in what kind of way the bot responds, the only instruction I give is to be a helpfull chat assistant. Funny enough the bot is smart enough to abide the Twitch ToS.

Hiya, for now I keep it Nightbot only, reason for that is so I have some control over the usage of the API. Otherwise other applications (not just chatbots) might start using the API which I don’t want to yet, since the OpenAI API usage is not free.

Just brainstorming, might add a option for streamers or bots to add their own OpenAI API key so their costs are just for their own usage.

This should now be fixed, the bot is now instructed with the correct platform.

Fantastic work! Added to one of the channels I’ve modded for and chat absolutely loved it :heartpulse:

Hi xgerhard, is there anyway to change the language say for French speakers or will this do it on its own? I’ve never thought about how that works with chatgpt.

You can just ask the bot to answer in French directly in the command, e.g.:

Note the words between the space characters %20:


It works pretty well except in really rare cases. And you can also try to add another preferences in the command.


Hey @andy_s_89!

@sputnik gave you a correct answer, however, if you talk to ChatGPT in French, it should answer you in French by default.

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OpenAI enforces rules on ChatGPT’s answers, and it’ll always be G-rated.

I tried using it in Japanese. I cannot devise a way to make the returned text uninterrupted. What should I do?