commands don't work for me

The !game and !tilte commands don’t work for me, and I already tried everything to solve it (but the message from ¨-> undefined¨

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Hiya, please elaborate, what command are you using, what is the response you’re getting?
Signing out from the dashboard at and back in might resolve your issue.

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I have the same problem with a custom command. Nothing has changed it just stopped working in youtube live stream. I’ve signed out and in and even changed wording but nothing works.

Hey @livex89 and @Twisted_Sisterz!

If logging out of the Nightbot dashboard (click on your profile pic at the top right corner) and then logging back in didn’t work, I suggest following the Nightbot Troubleshooting guide, if that still didn’t fix your issue, please tell us what you’ve tried so far in great details.

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