Command for sub counts

I have tried to setup a subcount command, with both following commands: $(twitch $(channel) “{{displayName}} has {{subscriberCount}} subscribers.”) and $(twitch subcount) people are currently subscribed. None on them works because i keep getting this error: Not authorized to access channel’s subscriptions. Has the channel owner logged into the Nightbot control panel?. I am logged in, and i have also logged in and out because i saw a similar topic. It doess’t resolve my issue.

Hey @vextrial!

The first command is the right one, and it’s the channel owner that needs to log back in, meaning the streamer (I don’t know if you’re the streamer or a moderator for the channel).

Hey Emily. I am the streamer and i am logged in.

Would you mind trying to log out and back in again? Just to make extra sure the issue isn’t simply fixed with that.

I have Also logged out 2-3 times now.

Looks like it’s working fine:

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What?! Thats wierd, but nice lol. Thanks

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