Nightbot sub comand issue

i have tried logging in and out of nightbot but i still get this output:: Not authorized to access channel’s subscriptions. Has the channel owner logged into the Nightbot control panel?. Whenever i try to use the !subs command but my other commands work

I have the same problem, I searched and the only response is to log in and out but i’ve done this many of times and i still get the same message :frowning: hope someone answers you

Hey @drayzam!

Last time someone had the same issue, they had to log out and back in a couple times, you can consult the topic here:

Edit: I may have stepped in the middle of your stream to test your commands, I apologize for that, I used the pop-out chat so I didn’t know if you were live or not.

Hey @Starlights!

Are you the channel owner, aka the streamer? I can’t see an instance of Nightbot on your channel, that is if your username here is also your Twitch username. As the error message stipulates, it’s the channel owner that needs to log out and log back in to fix the error.

yes i am channel owner and it is the same problem

Did you try logging out and back in a couple times like I suggested in my reply?
Even maybe keep a delay before logging back in.

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