Command $(count)

Hi to whoever is watching this,i have a problem with the $(count) command,basically it’s not working for me,i tried to stream in my pc to see if the problem was that i streamed on ps4 but it didn’t work,i don’t think that the way i put the command is wrong,so i don’t know what can it be.

Well what do you want the command to do and how did you add it/what does the command message box look like?

I want the command to be a counter of deaths every time someone in my chat puts !sekiro
If you didn’t undesrtand me here you have a picture of what the command looks

What is the issue? Do you get an output? If yes, what is it? Do you have other commands that work as expected?
“It doesn’t work” doesn’t translate to anything for us.

The issue is that the bot doesn’t event apear in the chat or Even doesn’t let me tag it, here you have a screenshot of how i put the command

Please check out Nightbot Troubleshooting and see if that works. Also is this YouTube, Twitch, or Trovo?

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