Chat not appearing

I’ve been having this preoblem for a week or so now. Whenever I join a channel. All I can see in chat is “Welcome to X’s chat” as well as all the resubs/subs and timeouts/bans, but no actual chat. I have deleted the betterTTV cookies multiple times, reinstalled the addon multiple times, tried the userscript, as well as disabling every other addon. None of these things worked, which is why I am posting here.

Any ideas?



Please follow the last paragraph at BetterTTV Debugging

There are no errors in the JS console, except for one related to TMI.js, which seems to be a Twitch related JS file. Also, this error happens whether or not BTTV is installed.

One interesting thing to note: If I delete the bttv cookie, the chat works again until I restart my browser, in which case I have to repeat it to get the chat to show up again.

If I completely block cookies from bttv, the issue still occurs, but I can’t fix it cause I blocked the cookies in the first place.

If this issue occurs regardless of whether or not BetterTTV is installed, then perhaps there is something wrong in Twitch’s code, not ours. In that case, there is not much we can really do for you.

The issue does not occur all the time, only the error in the JS console. So it seems to not be a related error.

In other words, there is no error in the console related to better TTV.

Well again, Twitch errors are not something we can fix. You will need to reach out to Twitch support for their errors.

I think you are not understanding what I mean.

Your post told me to mention any errors in the JS console

I am mentioning it, but it is clearly not the reason why chat doesn’t appear, cause the error is there whether BTTV is installed or not, but the chat only does not appear if BTTV is installed. So the problem is a BTTV issue, but not a Javascript error.


I agree, I disable BTTV it work fine

So did you manage to fix it? I have this same issue, chat won’t load for some reason.

I can see it for a brief moment before BTTV fully loads, then I get the Welcome to the chat text and I can only see the timeouts.

I’ve had this issue for like 4 days now.

I tried reinstalling and deleting the BTTV settings, cache and cookies and it seemed to work for like 5 minutes, then I refreshed and it stopped working again.

Nope, the best thing to do is delete the cookies from bttv and restart the browser. then it sometimes works.

One thing that helps for me is make sure the tab is focused when loading. It works more often then.

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Same here, BTTV loads, but the chat actually disappears. In the split second before BTTV is applied to the page I can see the chat. When I disabled BTTV the chat started working again.

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I’m having the same issue as well. As iopg said, while loading you can see the chat appear for a split second before completely disappearing and then only timeouts/bans/subs will appear afterwards. I’ve only been able to get back by refreshing over and over and hoping by random chance it decides to work.

I’m still encountering this issue, even after clearing cookies. However I did learn that deleting all things in my blacklist, it solves the problem.

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