Can't see bttv icon or any emotes #BttvBroken

I have chrome and the newest version downloaded. But it seems that there is nothing showing bttv related. Halp!

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If you can access you should be able to access BetterTTV normally. If you get an error loading that website, please post it.

If you do not get an error, to verify if BetterTTV is running, check for “BetterTTV Settings” in the Twitch chat settings:

If you do not see BetterTTV Settings as is shown in the picture linked, then try reinstalling BetterTTV at

I think it was down in Denmark or something. But it magicly works now. My brother’s bttv didnt work either. Thanks for the help anyway :smile:

If you have further issues, please follow these updated debugging instructions: BetterTTV Debugging

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