Can't Clear my Song Request Playlist

Hello Everyone thanks for your time.
I’m having an issue from last days, i can’t clear my old playlist, i want to change my stream music and i cant.
I can Add new playlists but can’t delete an specific one. Is this a regular issue? Have anyone solved it?

Hey @ProDannZ!

Please use the search bar, a similar topic is still open.

Emily, i’ve tryied the method you explained on the topic but the problem is still there. Can’t clear my playlist, not my songs queue.

If i hit Clear, it wont clear at all…

That’s strange.

Do you know how to open the console?
If yes, could you open it, press on that Clear button and see if an error shows up in the console? If there’s an error, what is it?

I can’t reproduce the issue, and as long as we can’t locate its origin we can’t fix any potential bug, having an error log could help.

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