AutoDJ won't clear

Everytime I try to clear songs, it won’t delete. Then I’ll manually delete songs from the playlist down to 3 tracks, and all the deleted songs will come back. and if I try to import on top and clear all, they stay.

Hey @trecap!

Is your AutoDJ’s Playlist setting set to something else than Channel, perhaps?

no, its definitely set to Channel. I left it alone for a day and I tried again but its still the same.

Hmm, this is odd, can you try logging out of the dashboard, then logging back in, and trying to clear your playlist again after having verified that your settings are still set to Channel?

Yo tengo el mismo problema. No borra las canciones

Hey @Mario!

Please write on the forum in English, I understand Spanish, but other people might not.
Please try the steps I suggested above.

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