Bump the song length limit to 15 minutes or remove limit for playlist

Hi, I’ve been a happy user of nightbot for a year or so now and have had no complaints so far. Today, I tried to add in this song (at 10:42, just barely above the limit) to my playlist for my channel, which is Undertale based. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t allow it, which is frustrating to say the least.

I know this has been asked before, but I don’t think it’s been asked this specifically before. I only ask that the song limit be bumped up to 15, which is the usual upload limit for YouTube. 10 minutes doesn’t always cover the mixes that we as users want to use, and Nightbot is extremely convenient as it has an app that allows a ticker display of the music. I really don’t want to have to opt for another bot just specifically for one song, and this also seems to be something requested often by the community.

If this is too much to ask, then you don’t have to increase the song length for requests, but at least allow the playlist, which only managers can really affect. That would make things so much easier on the community.

Thank you so much!

10 min is more than enough time for a song. Increasing this wouldn’t be a song request as 2 songs would take 30 min. Using another service like Spotify would suit this length of a song better.

Okay, but I’m not really talking about the song request system. I use Nighbot for its playlist function to have ambient music while I’m doing art streams. As I said in my post, I don’t want to seek out a different service for one single track that’s 42 seconds longer than the limit because I enjoy the convenience of Nightbot’s desktop app and the text document it generates for an OBS ticker.

Also, not to be rude but… Your argument that two songs at 15 minutes would be 30 minutes is flawed because 2 songs at 10 minutes is 20 minutes. What’s the difference, one song at the current limit? Honestly, it should be optional for the channel managers to customize what the length limit is just like it’s up to them how many requests can be made. Also, is it just me or is it rather poor support to turn away your users to different applications…? :frowning:

The playlist functionality is used in tandem with song request. If you wish not to have song request then you shouldn’t be using Nightbot AutoDJ.

I’m just referring you to use a different music player. You can read this similar topic as well.

I don’t think you understand my point… I don’t mind whether or not it’s the playlist or song request. I think that the limit is - well - limiting and should be something an owner decides for their channel.

Yes, I’ve already read that and I think it’s somewhat sad that you all aren’t open to rather simple suggestions by the community when they’ve been requested before. I really don’t understand how difficult it would be to make it something that the managers themselves can customize. Saying that over ten minutes for a song is “too much” is completely subjective and should be up to the managers to decide. Your “too long” is likely a lot different than my “too long” or any other streamer’s “too long”. And as stated several times now, I don’t want to seek out a different service, I’m content using Nightbot for my music. I only want to see the app grow in response to suggestions by the community.

I get where you’re coming from, but Nightbot isn’t designed to be great (and will never be great) at curating playlists. The playlist functionality is minimal to provide simplistic use-cases like music when the song request queue is empty as well as limiting the pool of music for viewers to request from. Long songs do not promote the primary purpose of song requests, users requesting songs, since it lessens the frequency by which a viewer’s song will play. 10 mins is already a generous compromise, since it would probably sit just fine at 5 minutes instead (that’s above the average song length).

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