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BTTV works fine, but occasionally freezes chrome (all tabs)

So, I am reasonably sure this is a BTTV problem at this point. When I have BTTV extension enabled, this issue happens. When I remove it, this issue does not happen. It only happens if I have a twitch tab open, and typically happens when I have the twitch tab on one half of my screen (via windows) and snap the other chrome tabs I’m looking at to the other side of the screen. Particularly, when I’m active in the non-twitch window. When it freezes, it seems to freeze up all chrome tabs for about a minute before returning to normal (I have to reload twitch to get the video to load again).

I can’t figure out how to fix this. I have uninstalled chrome, and reinstalled it. I have removed extension cache files. Uninstalled and reinstalled BTTV numerous times. I’m at a loss. I haven’t seen anyone else with this issue and I don’t understand why its happening. To determine which extension was causing the issue, I removed all extensions and manually installed each one individually and did everything as normal until it froze. The only extension that seems to be active/installed every time it freezes is BTTV.

Please help!

How long are you leaving the tab for? It is possible that DOM mutations are being queued up while you are not viewing the page, and they may build up to a point where us processing them for a period of time consumed too much CPU on return.

Possibly linked to: BTTV extension disables Chrome and My Chrome is not working with BetterTTV on.

I leave tabs open pretty long… but usually this happens after the twitch tab is open only a few hours. other tabs sometimes i leave open overnight. The reason I know the twitch tab specifically is only open a few hours is because i specifically close it before i go to bed because of autoplay waking me up lol. So, in the morning if I open it up it usually happens within a few hours.

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