BTTV extension disables Chrome

hello fellow twitchers, since a couple of weeks i have a strange bug occuring in Chrome. Whenever i have the BTTV extension installed and am browsing web Chrome flashes black for a split second and after that none of my clicks are getting registered and links cant be clicked anymore. While Chrome technically still works, i cant do anything after that. the task manager shows multiple Chrome instances right after that. the only solution is to force close chrome and re open everything. im aware that BTTV doesnt ‘work’ on any websites but twitch but somehow its messing with my browser. its hard to reproduce since it happens after couple minutes, couple hours etc. so far i haven´t found anyone that even heard of such a thing so im hoping somebody here could help.

Make sure you’ve installed the real BetterTTV, and not some malware imitating us. You can always install BetterTTV directly from us at

oh i did, i got the real one from the web store (the one your homepage links to, too).
but im afraid my case is a ‘rare occasion’ :smiley:

Hey @GOR12LLA!

I highly doubt it’s the BetterTTV extension that’s causing the issue.
• Have you tried uninstalling it and using your browser as usual and see if the issue happens again?
• If yes, how long have you given it to test?
• How quickly/often does the issue usually manifest itself?

hey, i tried it couple of times now.
i only have 2 extensions activated, uBlock Origin and BTTV and issue is happening until i remove BTTV again. i can be reproduced but its not possible to tell when its happening, just that it is happening. sometimes after like 30 min, couple hours etc., even if im currently not on the twitch tab.

im not sure i correctly understand what u mean by “how long given it to test”.
so far its happening 10/10 times until i force close Chrome and reopen again.

How long have you tested Chrome without the BetterTTV extension to be this confident it’s this extension causing the issue? For all you know it can just be a coincidence.

For example, if you gave it a week without the extension, kept doing everything you usually do, and stopped noticing the issue, then you might be able to say it’s the extension at the origin of it, but it wouldn’t be guaranteed either given the issue comes at random.

May I suggest checking if you have the latest version of Chrome as well.

And is your machine not too old, and still in good conditions?
I once had an old and broken laptop where Chrome crashed a lot like you’re describing.

There are many things to consider here, but the issue coming from the extension is not very likely, if it was the case we would have had other reports since, no case are truly “rare” (to use your own words) when it comes to software issues, if someone experiences an issue, many other people do as well.

well im not trying to blame anything on anyone here to start with.
so the only reasonable thing is to come here as it would be the main ressource to get help or other people with the same issues.
but to repeat myself, the only random thing is WHEN it happens while the extension is active
and im pretty sure its related to it as its the only thing i changed in installling / deleting.
it literally cant be a coincidence as it happens 10/10 times and as i said im dealing with it for couple weeks now. my machine is barely 1 year old so it sohuldnt be a problem. i found some reddit posts with issues here and there but most of them were couple years old and people denied it as pretty much impossible pretty quickly as the extension isnt supposed to work on other pages but twitch.

Yup, exactly this.

Have you checked if your version of Chrome is up to date?

of course, reinstalled and checked everything million times already.

I understand this must be frustrating, but the issue is not coming from BetterTTV.
I suggest using the beta version of Chrome then.

I could find the Reddit posts you mentioned, but there were just a couple (2 or 3), so it’s definitely not an issue impacting many people if—again—it was coming from BetterTTV.

And if it really was coming from BetterTTV, unless you give steps to reproduce the issue that guarantee we will encounter it every time on most device, or logs that prove the issue is coming from the extension, we can’t fix it as we don’t know where to look at.

And yes, but that’s not what I asked here:

If you ran Chrome without BetterTTV for at the very least a week without encountering the issue, not even once, since you mentioned encountering the issue after a couple minutes/hours (that’s too vague for reproductible steps btw), then you could argue that BetterTTV may be the root of the issue, but you’d also have to be sure uBlock Origin isn’t affecting BetterTTV in any way that could lead to the issue.

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