BTTV Stopped working

I’ve looked at other threads but I dont see any visible solutions or already tried them and nothing works.

I am using the latest version of Firefox (No I dont wanna use GoogleChrome, I hate it. )
I am using Frankerfaces in substitute for now but I still prefer BTTV, unless they can work together?

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Remove the add-on, and then install it again:

If that doesn’t work, then follow the steps at BetterTTV Debugging

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Iv already tried uninstalling it… -_-
For Javascript thing, should I be looking for actual red red color or is it pink?
Iv already tried clearing cache from beginning

Do you see “BetterTTV Settings” in the chat settings on Twitch? If so, then BetterTTV is working but your settings are reset.

No, no settings at all. just FrankerFaceZ

Then you should screenshot your entire JavaScript console on page load so we can see if there’s any errors. If you’re using Firefox, you may need to upgrade to the new add-on version.

I dont know what I am looking for, I tried the javascript and I see pink lines, but no red lines…

is 6.8 not the latest version or is there a new site for a more updated BTTV?

Remove your Firefox extension and then go download the newest at

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