BTTV Pro Personal Emotes Not Working?

Hi, I have tried multiple debugging steps mentioned in the night dev post below and have been unable to see personal emotes working with bttv pro. The only step I have not tried in that post is disabling windows defender. I have included screenshots detailing my issues below. The twitch screen cap was done in a fresh incognito browser with only bttv as the extension. I have also tried clearing everything in regular chrome and trying it there with bttv as the sole extension as well, I just figured incognito would be cleaner for these purposes. Thanks for any help you can provide. Apologies If I missed a setting or something simple that would have fixed the issue, this was my last resort :stuck_out_tongue:

Personal Screen Caps

Debugging I tried

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Hey @countakira!

There was an issue, but this should be fixed now, if not, make sure you have the latest BetterTTV version.


Yup its working, thanks!

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