BTTV not loading in dashboard and pop-out chat

As the title suggests. Having the same issue that is mentions here BetterTTV not loading in Dashboard anymore

Am I missing something because this didnt help me resolve the issue. BTTV loads everywhere else just fine, just not in pop-out and dashboard.

same problem for me betterttv not working anymore on my chat popout !

same here. using Opera on Windows.

iā€™m using chrome :wink: i tried clearing cache and cookies, nothing change and i also try to uninstall reinstall betterttv

chrome user here as well*

This is now fixed. You will need to refresh/clear cache as necessary.

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Seems okay now, thank you~

i love you night dev developer ! i will continue my stream ^^
thank you from france :wink:

woah, this was lightning fast 0: thank you for the quick fix!

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