BetterTTV not loading in Dashboard anymore

As of yesterday 12/18 BetterTTV wont load in dashboard. I am using Chrome and have checked my plugins and extensions. When i go to my channel or any other channel it works fine. This also happens when i popout the chat. When I popout chat it will load normal chat but on dashboard all i get is “Flash failed to load. Please contact with error information.” Anyone else have this issue and anyone know of a fix? Thank you,

I am not able to reproduce this bug. Can you post your system configuration (browser and OS)?

Chrome Version 39.0.2171.95 m
Windows 8.1

Can you try clearing you browser cache?

Ok so its weird, if I clear all browser data and close and reload the page, sign in etc… it will show chat the first time, however it is still without BetterTTV. When I refresh the page it still doesnt load BetterTTV and this time the chat fails to load with the above error mentioned in original post.

Thank you for the report. It will be looked into.

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This was fixed shortly after Teak’s last message.

We had fixed the theater mode completely, but the fix also caused BetterTTV not to load on other pages missing the Ember controller we were adding an observer to. Once this was noticed the issue was just a quick fix.