BTTV Emotes Not Working (Firefox)

This started the other day. I noticed no BTTV emotes were working, such as LUL or FeelsBadMan. You just see the text not an emote. Some folks said deleting cookies and cache fixed it, others pointed to turning off the “Disable Channel Header” option fixed it. And for about a day, turning off “Disable Channel Header” did fix it but now the issue has returned. I have that feature turned off and again BTTV emotes are not showing up.

I’ve tried deleting cookies and cache several times. Using latest build of Firefox, latest version of BTTV, all other features of BTTV appear to work except emotes.

I’ve also tested it in Chrome. Latest version of Chrome, latest version of BTTV, works fine in Chrome however I’m a Firefox user, Chrome is my backup browser as a last ditch effort for a website that just won’t load properly in Firefox, which isn’t often.

Have you tried following the debugging steps listed here: BetterTTV Debugging

I am a firefox user as well and i don’t experience any of these issues myself. Do you have any other extensions that might possibly be interfering?

Yes and no. I’ve tested my other addons, and the only thing that could have interferred was Privacy Badger, for some reason the cdn urls for BTTV were blocked (when they werent a day prior). I went ahead and white listed BTTV urls it detected.

Now, I can see emotes in chat but I still don’t have a menu for them in the emotes menu. They’re just not there. I’ve got “Disable Channel Header” not turned on since as others pointed out that was causing a conflict but its still not showing up in the emotes list. One of the guys over on the github asked me to give him a console log. I replied asking if he meant F12 and if so which part exactly but I never got a response to that so I’m not sure what log he wants.

Far as I can tell, Privacy Badger didn’t update in the last few days. So it’s whitelist should have already been into effect. It was like literally over night something between BTTV and whatever call backs they do seemed to make PB block it. Odd.

I am also having a trouble with the BTTV addon, I have tried FF (up to date) and Chrome (fresh install)

I disabled Ublock Origin, I set my dns to Google to avoid my pi-hole in house

Neither browser had the menu icon in twitch chat as expected. Animated emotes like SourPls and (ditto) do not work, but haHAA LUL and others do.

Emotes not showing in the emote menu => Make sure you’ve enabled “Emote Menu” in the BetterTTV settings and that you’re using our emote menu, not Twitch’s. Additionally, you can click on the cog wheel at the bottom of the emote menu to ensure you’ve not accidentally hidden emotes from being shown.

GIF emotes not working => Enable BetterTTV GIF Emotes in the BetterTTV settings.

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