BTTV emotes not showing

i checked the settings and all emotes are enabled. i am unable to see any BTTV emotes, and when i click the little smiley emote menu. all i see is twitch emotes and a tab thing that says “all” and thats the only other thing there.

This is functioning fine, double check to make sure you have “BetterTTV Emotes” enabled. If that doesn’t work see BetterTTV Debugging.

i said and i quote " i checked the settings and all emotes are enabled" not sure if you are a bot or a real person. also the debugging didn’t help

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As long as the BetterTTV Emotes setting is toggled on, you should be able to see BTTV emotes in chat. Keep in mind you also have to enable the BetterTTV GIF Emotes setting to see gif’s.

BTTV emotes don’t show up in the Twitch emote menu, you should be able to use them by typing the emote name in chat, or you can enable the BTTV Emote Menu in settings.

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