After changing youtube name, nightbot doesn't work

I’d changed my youtube channel name few months back. After that nightbot doesn’t work on my channel.
I’ve tried part and join nightbot many times.
Nightbot is a moderator in my channel
I’ve not banned nightbot.
Is there any solution of this? Kindlt help

YouTube does not use names as identifiers, so it is not possible for it to have broken from that. If you’re having issues getting Nightbot to work, you may need to follow our troubleshooting guide: Nightbot Troubleshooting

Thank you so much for your help. I’d added and removed nightbot many times. Than i clicked on swap channel. I’ve only one channel but i tried. Than i tried to check on youtube private live streaming. It was not working.
Today i started my streaming and nightbot started after 3-4 months.
I didn’t know what worked for it. May be swap channel option


If you kept testing in private live streams before, Nightbot can’t join those. Glad the issue is solved!

Actually, I was doing public live streaming and testing. This was happening from last 3-4 months.

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