20 uploads a week

Hi guys Iampanzer here just wanted if i could get a hand. I havnt had time to update the emotes on my betterttv as ive been so busy but have been paying for the account. Then when a lotr of my emotes get rejected in one week after 20 uploads they are stopped? If they are uploads of the same emote should they be included? Any way to get it reset so i can get my new emotes up or a way to find out when i can upload the new ones. Cant wait to get them up


We enforce upload restrictions because we do not have the resources or patience to deal with users whom reupload the same emotes without fixing the problems we report to them on rejection. There’s no way around the limits, they are mandatory for everyone.

So is there a way to check when you can upload next or ??

So no i guess… lol

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