2 Commands still dont work. Old post was closed but still got no answers

please help my commands i have issues with are !ads and !rules to let people know my rules and when an ad appeared for them! This has been going on for months. They used to work and now they just DONT. i am lost help me please ive parted channel relogged even re-added to channel etc and its just those 2 commands that DONT work. please help me i am getting annoyed.

Hey @mariakawaivt, have you gone through every one of these steps here first?
If so and your issue continues what is the specific code you are using for those commands?

i have done all the steps and i use Twitch but those 2 just do not work! i have tried for months and its getting annoying

Are you able to send a screenshot of your custom commands: Nightbot

Also check if the bot is reading logs: Nightbot

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