YouTube unlisted streaming and Nightbot commands


When I set up an unlisted event, Nightbot commands will not work there in the chat.
Everything works just fine in a public stream.

Is there anyway to fix this? This is also very easy for someone to try out. Just create an unlisted stream and see if the commands work for you.

Thanks in advance.

so here’s the problem I’ve faced with YouTube streaming.

When you stream via an event nightbot doesn’t join the event, instead the bot joins the stream now beta perma link livestream for your channel. I’ve written to the nightdev(s) but they don’t know what to do as they claim nightbot joins all active streams for a channel when prompted which i know for a fact is incorrect.

So your commands are probably not working cause nightbot never really joined the stream, or the correct one at least.

@Janttu’s issues are specifically with unlisted events, as he stated (and i have confirmed) nightbot works fine in public events but appears to have an issue with unlisted events and is not in the chat and responding. However he does properly join public events as nightdev says, so the issue is possibly on your end or youtube’s end at the time you tried it.

While you may think you “know for a fact is incorrect” the op confirmed that it worked fine for him with public events, so…

Yes, the issue is only with unlisted event. Nightbot works just fine with public event.

Nightbot can only know streams it sees are happening. Unlisted streams are unlisted. Nightbot doesn’t know they are happening because they are unlisted.

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