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Look, I know it’s called Better Twitch TV, but YouTube Live Streams gain a larger market share every year. I would love to see support for BTTV to come to YouTube. One of the best parts about Twitch is the emote culture, and I would love to see that come to YouTube. Currently there is no good alternative to BTTV for YouTube, making you uniquely poised to become that.

Live Streamers continue to jump over to YouTube, and even more are getting started there. It is only a matter of time before someone develops Custom Emote Support on YouTube, and I believe it should be you.

From this article, you can see that YouTube Live Streams are growing, and growing fast.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.


Not meaning to hijack, but to extend this topic. Especially this week, I’m seeing a lot of creators move off of the Twitch platform, for various reasons but mostly due to Twitch’s inaction on a lot of problems creators are facing.

I would love to see NightDev support extensions on other platforms and even be integrated natively by those platforms (without browser extension) if possible. This definitely seems more likely to happen with new and future platforms than large existing platforms, but I think there’s a lot of selling points in platforms outsourcing emote management to NightDev.

Seeing NightDev as a ‘central repository’ for emotes across multiple platforms would be amazing! I’d like to use these emotes on YouTube, Facebook, Trovo, and future platforms like Altair. Seeing emotes from NightDev’s product on social media like Twitter, GGsTV, and Instagram would also be amazing. I personally would pay for a higher subscription tier for that support, and of course for more than 25 personal emotes!

There is no way you’ll have a NightDev BetterTTV-like product natively integrated on tech giants services, so forget about YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as for newer streaming platforms I highly doubt it, their service rely heavily on rewarding people with emotes. It’d be great, but it won’t happen.

Having the extension support more websites is possible tho’, but it requires work, and that also means more points of failures, Twitch isn’t already very reliable.

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Thanks for the feedback. This is definitely an interesting idea, but I would recommend contributing/commenting over on the existing GitHub feature request for this. These forums are a good spot for support, but feature requests will fall into the ether otherwise.

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