YouTube: PHP - Nightbot [Error Connecting To WebProxy Service]

Hi all,

Okay. I’m calling a script on my server like so:

$(urlfetch http://xxxxxxx/myscrip.php?user=$(querystring $(user))&userid=$(querystring $(userid))&action=$(querystring $(touser)))

All is working fine as long as I’m echoing back info.

IE: echo "hello " . $_GET["user"]);
After this the “myscrip.php” script does it thing with the other posted querystring’s. (userid / and action)

Now I do not want NightBot to respond back to the user, so I removed the echo part.

Unfortunately I get an error ​[Error Connecting To WebProxy Service] from NightBot!
Note: The script continues to works fine after this!

Does NightBot need a response back to not throw this error?
Can I silence NightBot? ( dev/null ) ??

Hiya, to supress the Nightbot response, return with a space, echo ' ';

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Thank you. Testing now !

Looks like it’s working!
Thank you!

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