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YouTube <> NightBot no response (for me). Was working fine yesterday!

@The_Real_Samui_Webca @bStyler @Cicco23 @syen
Please let me know if / when it’s working again for you, and how you fixed it.
Strange thing is that I just added NB to a new channel, and that it’s working.
I’ve restarted / invited / joined several times now with the troubled channel, but till now no luck :frowning:

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Still broken here, like you say I’ve tried all the usual tricks/tips to get things working too.


Looks like it’s working again for me!
It started to work by it self again @ May 9, 2019 8:35:58 PM

Yup working again here too, it’s like someone cast a “fix” magic spell. :slight_smile:

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Is that your live webcam stream (a cafe stream)???

still no luck here…

NB is working but for some reason some ! commands are not responding.

Since yesterday, NB is working properly in Social Blade’s livestream! ^^
Don’t know how Urgo was able to fix that, though…

Urgo (Social Blade) was able to fix that, since yesterday. I don’t know how, though…

Hello everybody

Have also the problem with running 9 streams over all Nightbot not available. This problem has already happened several times hope it will be fixed soon.

The logs have stopped with me on 9 also

Good evening

can help me with one nightbot still does not work

Hi Maxi Music, NB still doesn’t work for me too, it has been a few days.
I don’t think anyone can help, just have to wait for it to work again by itself.

Hey Night, also same issue here. And just like some others here, the issue also started on May 9th. Since then Nightbot has been MIA

Have recently started a new stream and tested whether nightbot works there and in fact it worked everything and bot was in the stream here

I hope it is still something that happens that he still appears on old streams because I sons all reviews would be omitted

@Jodeb Hang on. is this your channel? If so. I’ve been a subscriber for a long time.
Love what you are doing. Love Lofi hip hop! Thank you!!!

I found that nightbot did not return to all my youtube streams (we have 23 live streams) and to resolve this we had to disable and then re-enable chat. Nightbot then re-appeared after a few minutes. Perhaps try that if you’ve not given it a go.


That fixed the issue thanks! I also tried to unmod nightbot and remove him from the channel. Call him again and mod him again but that didn’t work.

Disabling chat for a minute did the trick!

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Glad that worked, another trick for us when NB does not want to play.

I’m finding NightBot stops pretty much every day, I have to delete the re-add NightBot as moderator. Currently trying the disable and reenable chat to see if that fixes it.

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