Youtube Multiple Events

we have a youtube channel with about 20 livestream events streaming 24/7
We started using this bot, but it’s impossibile to set what event chats are moderated by the bot.

Is it possibile to setup on what event this bot is active?
We understand that the bot cannot act on every event (maybe a suggestion for a pro-feature) but at least if you can enable a selector to let us choose on what event the nightbot will act?

By now it’s pretty useless as it’s moderating 3 random events where we have no need for that.

Please let us know.

Nightbot joins every chat related to a stream that is live for a given YouTube channel. If you have 20 simultaneous streams, Nightbot will join those 20 stream chats.

Sorry but that is not happening.
We see the bot acting only on 3 events. Is that some sort of limitation or bug?
It would be great to have a panel showing on what event the bot is connected to.

(we thought that the bot would act as you say)

Nightbot has no limitations, though it is possible YouTube does. Nightbot relies on YouTube to notify Nightbot when to join chats, so if it’s missing in your chat it may be that YouTube is not reporting your chat as live to Nightbot. Without knowing more information, like your channel id, we can’t really perform any investigation on your account.

Thanks for the quick reply,
The channel id is: UCMpn1qLudF-zb4M4bqxLIbw
The main event where we absolutely need nightbot is this: ph1vpnYIxJk

Any suggestion for what we should check into youtube to enable such “chat active notification” or that is handled automatically by youtube?

still no information.
Do you have any suggestion or any documentation to refer ?

[SOLVED] We solved by resetting all the chats on youtube.


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