YouTube Gaming Nightbot points system

I’m changing streaming service from Twitch to YouTube Gaming and the other bot I use with a points system doesn’t currently support YouTube Gaming, so for now I’m going to be using Nighbot only.

I noticed that Nighbot lacks a points loyalty system in both the Twitch and YouTube Gaming versions, in this post on the YTG subreddit a dev explains that in order to protect viewer privacy their API doesn’t give viewer information.

I think they could implement a chat feature that lets viewers login to chat and watch anonymously, kinda like the one Nightdev’s BetterTTV has, and let all the other viewers get rewarded in a bot loyalty system. But I’m not sure they will do it so I’m wondering, does Nightbot have any plans to implement a points system anytime soon with the chat information YTG already provides in the API? Thanks for your time!

While it’s something we might eventually create (because people keep asking for it), there are no immediate plans to add a loyalty points system to Nightbot. Loyalty systems are annoying to maintain (for us) and, to be honest, are more trouble than they are worth. In my experience they drive spam and draw focus from the stream, which just ends up creating a bad community environment. If we did a loyalty system it would probably end up being much different from others you might see around other channels.

Alright I see. My interest in using one is mainly to be able to reward donators, social channel followers and regular long-time viewers points that they can use in the giveaways and song requests. I’d also like to have the chat games like bankheists and slot machines, but I agree that they can drive unpleasant spam if used too often/by many viewers and understand they might be annoying to maintain and probably only viable to implement if the spam and maintenance efforts can be minimized.

I tried posting about the chat API and loyalty system in the YTG subreddit to get dev feedback but the post got auto deleted by the bot, saying the question was answered previously. I see on the Nightbot’s Giveaways control panel that instead of points you have a system that lets the streamer select who will be able to enter the giveaway (mods/regulars/supporters/users) and determine their level of luck… I guess I’ll use this until you or the other bot I used on Twitch make a YTG points system. Thanks again for your time, have a good one!

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