"You can only upload 5 emotes per week"

“You can only upload 5 emotes per week. Come back next week.” I got this after trying to upload the same .gif several times after resizing due to the file being to large. I finally got it a bit under 1MB, but apparently I’ve uploaded too many emotes? Is this how it works? Because none of them should be up for review and it seems silly that they would be counted.

Yes, every time you press submit it counts as one of your 5 weekly submissions. You’ll just have to wait before you can upload again, sorry.

Damn that sucks. Well would you happen to know the max file size? I cant seem to find a limit anywhere on the website. I had it under 1MB and it still said it was too big. And Id rather not mess things up again.

The max file size is 1MB with the maximum dimensions of 112x112. Doubling checking these before submission ensures not wasting an upload.

The upload limit is due to abuse of people re-uploading previously denied emotes, sorry.

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