Xbox Gamertag error

I have been trying to use the Xbox Gamertag command.
I type in the command box: !xbl
I type into the message box: $(xbl gamertag) I replaced gamertag with my actual gamertag, I just didn’t want to post it here, so the command doesn’t say gamertag it has my actual gamertag

When I type the command into chat I get error looking up gamertag. Which should be impossible because I spelled my gamertag correctly. I double-checked several times and even edited the command to try different gamertags of my friends and none of those worked either.

What am I doing wrong?

Hiya, tested a few gamertags, the command seems to work fine. There might be an account issue, such as privacy settings, you might want to check those settings at

It is working now, so maybe it was on Nightbot’s backside.

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