× Route POST:/1/integrations/discord not found Issue

So when I go to Nightbot Integrations & attempt to connect. It says the following message “× Route POST:/1/integrations/discord not found” I’ve had discord open in the browser and downloaded on my PC. Both discords are signed into the same account which are linked to my twitch that Nightbot is linked too. I’m just hoping to get ideas on what to do to fix this so I can integrate Nightbot on my discord server.

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Hey, I am actually having the same problem. I’ve been trying all day to solve it, but no luck. If you do manage to solve it, please let me know how you did it.

Same here. This seems to be completely new as I’ve looked everywhere for it and this is the only place I see anyone mention it. I’m thinking the service must be down at the moment but I’ll keep checking.

It’s now working again for me

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