Wins and kills counter

I am using the command group of Wins and kill counter - however i am wanting to have the kills added up at the end - so if a user goes !wins itll show STREAMER has won COUNT games (10k, 8k, 20k) with total 38k.

Is this possible?

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Yeah(38k is possible for Wins and kills counter)

did u follow that post u linked and have all your tokens and everything?.. if yes, i can help u out (btw, yes u can do that)

yeh i followed it all and got the commands etc that the linked post has but didnt know how to make it add up the kills rather than each person having to manually add it all up

ok, so, here we go…

!addcom !wins -a=_!wins $(eval a=`$(urlfetch`;k=`$(1)`;l=`$(userlevel)`[0];m=a=>{if(a[0]==1){a=a.split(`@`);a.push(k);a[0]=`1%20`;return `edit `+a.join(`@`)}else{return `add @${k}`}};k!=`null`&&k!=``?(l==`m`||l==`o`?m(a):a):a)

!addcom _!wins $(eval a=`$(urlfetch$(1)quote?token=PRIVATE_TOKEN&data=$(2))`;b=`$(2)`.split(`@`);b.shift();c=b=>{d=0;e=0;while(d<b.length){x=b[d];x.replace(`k`,`000`);x.replace(`m`,`000000`);e+=x*1;d++};return e};t=b.length<3?b[1]:c(b);`$(channel) has won ${b.length} games (${b.join(`, `)}) with a total ${t>=1000000?t/1000000+`m`:t>=1000?t/1000+`k`:t}.`)

now to use this, i put it all in one command call with 2 commands aliased together (it replaces the !addwin, !addkill and !score commands from the other post, but u do still need the !reset command from there)… anybody can type !wins and it will display the current value… and then if u or your mods type !wins and the number of kills it will automatically add 1 win and add the kills to the list as well as the total…

if u wanna be the only one that can modify it, and not your mods, just take out the part where it says…


p.s. sorry it took so long, i got swamped with a bunch of junk

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