Win and lose scoreboard command

Hello so the command I have in mind is for tallying my scores with !win/!lose and letting the viewers see score by !score

So its about if I say !win , then nightbot says “score is 1-0” , then later I say !lose then nightbot says “score is 1-1” ,and then somehow later again I say !win then nighbot says “score is 2-1” and so on till I reset the scores with !reset for tomorrows stream again so scores are back to 0

Then also if a viewer wants to know the current score, he will type !score , then nightbot says " score is 2 -1"

this would be a big help coz I stream Among Us and I want them to know how many wins and loses I have

Also since thats for Among Us game command, I hope the command could be !impwin , then nightbot says "Impostor Score 1-0 " and when I say !implose, nighbot says “Impostor Score 1-1”

And thinking if it could be the same as for !crewwin and !crewlose, also the !crewscore and !impscore would be great for score tally

I know its a lot, so the help is very appreciated

Hey @CLN!

Here’s a command I wrote a while ago, you can easily adapt it to your needs.

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