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Why is BTTV so bugged in the last days?

BTTV worked for years perfectly,

but then in the last days first the icon for the emote menu had to be merged with the normal twitch menu, then i got luckily back by its own and now when bttv is on the buttons for channel points are gone.

As a developer myself, i have to say: never touch a running system…

Hey @boonwin!

Products evolve too, even if we say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” we have to keep products updated otherwise they fail to meet new requirements, or end up failing completely, for example: BetterTTV has to be regularly updated to follow Twitch’s changes which constantly break the extension, and if you haven’t noticed the breaking changes it’s because the extension has been updated regularly.

Relating to the emote menu update, it’s because the dependency BetterTTV was using was no longer maintained.
Now, when it comes to your channel points issue, I’d expect one of the reason is:

  • either because Twitch is silently testing something on your Twitch account that breaks BetterTTV (as they often do, the accounts are picked at random), which you can try to get rid off by clearing your cookies and cache;
  • or that you blocked the element with an ad-blocker (but I don’t think that’s the issue given that you mentioned it only happens when BetterTTV is enabled, so I assume you tested with all the other extensions disabled);
  • or your settings are set in such way that you’re hiding them, here’s the correct settings to have them visible: SGAEY6qHew

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