Why did Nightbot erase & timeout this sentence?

Lately, Nightbot has been erasing and timing-out users on the chat for a YouTube livestream who made seemingly innocent posts. For example, what’s bad about this sentence?

“I’m trying a new technique using my lucet.”

In fact, it appears that simply writing “technique” did it too. And even just “techn”. Why?!

And does Nightbot have a log that explains the reason for a timeout, or the option to set an increased log level so that it will do that? The channel owner has looked in her Nightbot chat log at several of these instances, and she could not find an explanation of why Nightbot decided to do it.

Ideally, we’d like to see what part of a post Nightbot decided was bad, and the particular rule or banned word that it matched.

Hey @David_C!

Nightbot doesn’t arbitrarily decide to timeout users/delete messages, if it does, that means it was set up this way, I suggest checking the spam protection settings, especially the blacklisted words.

Or it may be this:

So it seems that the offending word was simply “tech”. The YouTube stream owner has been busy, so I haven’t been able to ask her to check on her channel’s blacklisted words list.

The question remains - Does Nightbot have logs that will show exactly what part of a person’s post triggered a timeout? Or is there a way to increase the log level so that it will?

Added (at first I didn’t see your edit with the quoted post): The stream’s moderators aren’t seeing a message asking to allow the post. Nightbot is simply timing-out the person and erasing all their previous posts.

I’m not sure how it works on YouTube, but on Twitch we have access to a moderator actions log:
It could be useful, because I guess my question is: how do you know for sure that Nightbot is responsible for the timeouts? It could be in the channel’s moderation settings too.

The Nightbot logs only contain messages that were sent, excluding Nightbot’s, it doesn’t store the timeouts, there’s a table on the dashboard for that tho’, but it doesn’t store the data for long, and I’m unsure it highlights the part of the message that triggered the timeouts.

Note that if you have access to the streamer’s Nightbot dashboard, that means you can edit the spam protection settings. If you don’t have access to the streamer’s dashboard, you can ask to become a Nightbot manager.

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