Why am i marked as spam

Hi guys,
Today i came into a stream of a good friend of mine and he told me that he allways needs to tap out of the game because my twitch account is marked as spam. I was very surprised by that and i want to know why i am marked as spam and how can i fix it or who do i need to contact to fix it ?

You are marked as a spammer if you spam multiple channels with similar messages on Twitch. Don’t do that to not be marked as a spammer.

can i get unbanned or better said unmarked ?

BetterTTV marks users as spammers for an hour. BetterTTV clients do not remove marks until page refresh.

so i need to wait one hour untill my messages can be read again by the stream owner ?

No. It will take far over an hour to be unmarked by everyone since they would all need to refresh after an hour. This is designed to be annoying so people don’t spam.