Whitelist url, can you link to a channel with custom message

ive added urls, and ive got the custom message when a user types in that url but how can add in a link to a channel?

in discord i can type in chat #(channelname) and press enter and it will link them to the channel, how can i add this to nightbot?

in the custom message i have #url_links (thats the channel name) but it doesnt go blue, like if i enter it manually.

is there a way i can do this or this isnt enabled?

also is there a way i can make it only whitelist urls in certain channels? ive done a work around by not allowing nightbot in the channel i want to post urls, but this means i lose all nightbot features for that channel. can you add 2 nightbots?


Not positive if this works, but you’d need to use the channel tag, in discord type ‘#url_links’. Note the backslash. Copy that into the command rather than the channel name.

Or discourse removes it. Add a backslash in front of the hashtag.

im not sure what you mean with the backslash

my custom message is post links #url_links

and it just comes up as a normal message with no link to the channel.

but if i manually type in discord chat # it shows me my channel i can select

i did #url_links didnt change anything

If you add/edit a command on Discord chat and mention the channel, it should save it in the proper channel syntax on Nightbot. If you add/edit elsewhere you need to format it in the syntax yourself.

can you give a example? im not super good with commands ect

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