Where is nightbot pro?

Hey! It’s been a while now, and I’ve been wondering where is nightbot pro? It’s been a long time. Thanks

Hey @WanterWither_YT!

There’s no Nightbot Pro yet, not sure there will ever be, however, if you want to support NightDev you can subscribe to BetterTTV Pro (not sure it’ll be useful for you tho’ since it appears you’re streaming on Youtube).

Here’s a links to a very similar request back in 2017:

I’m semi surprised to see this post. Nightbot Pro got deprioritized due to BetterTTV Pro performing well enough to cover company expenses. Some features that were slated for it are unfortunately too costly to offer for free, so we never brought them mainstream. If there’s interest maybe it’s worth rekindling this idea of a Pro version of Nightbot. What would you want to see as features for it?

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I saw a post of someone saying that with Nightbot pro you could change the name. I thought that would be cool and i was wondering when Nightbot pro would come out.

I see. Well at the moment there’s not an ETA for us offering a Pro version of Nightbot, but we will keep the interest in mind for future planning.

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