When trying to submit emote, I can't enter an email address

Hi all,

I haven’t used this forum before, so I hope I am posting this in the right category!

When trying to submit an emote, I am unable to enter an email address

Here’s the problem (see below) - I can’t actually type into the box!

I would be grateful for help,

Thanks, J

Does your email show up here: http://www.twitch.tv/settings ?

Yeah, it’s listed in my twitch settings

Yeah, it’s showing in my twitch settings. I physically can’t enter anything into the box on that submitting page

Weird, my last suggestion: delete your betterttv.net cookies and try logging in again at manage.betterttv.net
If that doesn’t work wait till somebody else responds here.

Make sure your Twitch email is verified in your Twitch settings. If it isn’t verified it won’t show up after logging in at https://manage.betterttv.net

Thanks a lot! I deleted my cookies for the bttv site and it works like a dream now.
Again, thanks for your suggestions and help man :smile:

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