What JS library does Nightbot use?

I’m just curious, does Nightbot use an already existing library for connecting to Twitch IRC chat or has Night made his own private library?

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Hey @Arcane!

If I’m not mistaken, you already asked that question on the Discord server and you already got a reply:

Besides, I know you have a project to make another bot, and whether you use an already existing library or make your own isn’t important in the end, what matters is if the bot works and is reliable.

?? My own project for another bot bot? I was just wondering if Nightbot used an already existing one as I am enthusiastic about programming and I want to learn more about these things, I’m not making my own bot version lol. Thanks for the response though. :slight_smile:

I’ll simply say that your GitHub is linked to your Discord profile and that your projects are public. :slight_smile:

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