What is wrong with that command? (if/else)

it was working before but for some reason it doesn’t work anymore

$(eval u=‘$(user)’; if(u==‘dust_88’){‘$(touser) zurna boyutu $(eval Math.floor(Math.random() * 30) + 1) cm’} else{‘$(touser) zurna boyutu $(eval Math.floor(Math.random() * 20) + 1) cm’})

edit: command works but if/else doesn’t work anymore

um… none of the code looks amiss… maybe try adding .toLowerCase() to “if(u==‘dust_88’)” like this…


(explanation for this guess… u may have updated your twitch display name from dust_88 to Dust_88 like u have here, which wouldn’t match your comparison, this addition to the code compensates for that)

Still need help :C …

what’s it doin/not doin?