What is consider allow as emote/gifs

i mean the standard of the content of the emote/gifs ? if i were to create an emote / gifs using an celebrity / puppets / anime characters in a non nude non offensive way ,is that allow ? is there an sub texts undertone there like does the celebrity have to been alive or dead ? or
does you need the permission from the creators of puppets / anime characters ?
because i seen few cartoons characters and puppets emotes on twitch chat before ,so their emote allowed ?

im so confused by the lack of rules in uploading here [notlikethese] yet wanting to learn it all so i can share my love of gifs to the twitch community globally and anonymously

Hey @zasher_fgg_k!

Yes, as long as the image is yours or if it’s made from a public domain image, given that you read the requirements for the image and that you meet them.

Why would there be a difference?

It depends of the copyright under which the image is.

It’s basic copyright principles pretty much, nothing too fancy/complicated. Most of the time your emote should be approved if you have common sense. And you’re not penalized for getting an emote declined as far as I know. I think you’re thinking too deep about this, just submit and see.

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