What hero will create the dictionary.com command 🥺

The last time this was requested was 2019 and no one ever made it. All that exists that I could find is a command for urban dictionary.

I’d love to be able to type “!dictionary amalgam” and Nightbot would reply with the part of speech and the first definition from dictionary dot com like “noun. an alloy of mercury with another metal or metals.”

Think of how fun it would be to also have “!wordoftheday”

If this is something you’re willing to try, maybe leave a comment that you’ll give it a try so people who find this thread late won’t see how old this post is and think “someone else is probably working on it by now” and leave when they could have/would have done it.

That means if you’re reading this right now and you could do it and there are no comments below, then you are the chosen one :crown:

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By the same logic you are just as capable of making said command. Looking forward to the results!

Here are a few reasons as to why it hasn’t happened yet:

  1. dictionary.com doesn’t have an open API
  2. cambridge.org has one, but it’s costly
  3. merriam-webster.com has a free one, but it’s very limited
  4. no other service has an open and free API (unless you know one we don’t?)
  5. most of us who could do it don’t have the time

If you want it this badly, either make it yourself, or hire someone to do the work and maintenance.

Edit: someone found a free API without limitations:

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