Well done forcing the beta on your users *clap*

Nothing more to say. A lot of stuff doesn’t seem to be working, including the Sub-user function.

I have no idea how other people feel about this, but when it comes to me, I’d say it wasn’t the smartest decision. At least give us the choice if we want to use the beta yet or not.

Well, I found the sub-user function. Seems to be invisible if you don’t have a profile picture on twitch

Things are stable and functioning, so I don’t know what you mean. Bugs happen in betas, so of course we expect them. Until users report them they may go unfixed.

The beta was launched mid December. After testing for 2 months, it was time to release the changes to everyone. It’s expensive to keep two separate bot instances up, and the beta is far more stable than the old bot.

I checked and your account does have the default avatar set. If you don’t have an avatar in the upper right, it’s possible your browser is preventing the default Gravatar from loading. There’s not much we can do when that happens, unfortunately.

One thing I noticed was that if you used $(1) in a command previously its value when you used $_REQUEST was “undefined” if the parameter wasn’t given. It is now “null”. When that update rolled out I had to quickly update my queue manager system.

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