WebProxy Service error

Heey! Recently I did an API(sorta), for League of Legends, and I’m having the following error, almost every time I do the command that I created, it returns or the correct value(rarely), and most of the times it gives me [Error Connecting To WebProxy Service] and it’s getting quite annoying.

And no, it’s not a problem of my API, as I already tried, creating another command, with another $fetchURL, and it’s doing the same thing.
Please let me know, if you guys have a solution for this, or else I will have to change my bot, which I would rather not, because I always used NightBot.

Images, to explain the error that Nightbot is having:
Twitch Chat & Code

P.S: I know that theres already 2 posts of this problem, in this forum, but they are both solved, and I’m still having this problem.

$(urlfetch ...) becomes [Error Connecting To WebProxy Service] if the website is empty (not returning the account’s rank). This is a problem with the API you are using.

I recommed switching to a more reliable API such as ones from this website or just using the LeagueOfLegends variable.

Welp, you stand incorrect. If you saw my code, you can see that the API is never empty.
Because even when, the API can’t get the value, it shows the previous value.
I even used CURLOPT_TIMEOUT, if he couldn’t get the value.

So yeah, that’s not the problem, although I appreciate your reply.
EDIT: If I go to my API, and check the value, it always shows a response(as I refered before).
EDIT2: I managed to resolve this problem, thanks anyways. c:

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