$(weather $(query)) command brings back error

As the title states, I’ve been trying to add a weather function to the stream I mod but I keep getting an error that reads “Invalid location specified.”

$(weather $(query))

When I call the function, no matter if I use city name or zip code, I get the error. I can’t get this function to work for the life of me. Am I missing something?


Seeing it on our channels as well.

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Same problem on our streams

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Hey @Richard_Evil, @FriendOfTheBot, @Allen_Birdcam!

Thanks for reporting the issue, I can reproduce it, I’ve escalated it to the dev.


Same problem here in the United Kingdom

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I tried using the weather utility here https://scorpstuff.com/ but it has some issues with minor US cities and/or city names that are in multiple states.

Same problem as others with the weather command. It doesn’t seem to work, whether you’re using city, state or the zip code. I tried multiple locations and all returned with “!addcom !weather Invalid location specified”. I also created the weatherlookup command. That did not work either. It returned each time with “!addcom !weatherlookup Invalid location specified”. All of my other custom and default commands work fine.

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Also not working here. Our settings are $(weather city, state) ex. $(weather anchorage, ak)

This is still not working

Nightbot : ​Invalid location specified

Yes same problem with the ch I mod as well. Just stopped working.

Happy to report as at 18:47 BST (Eastern +5) that it is now working again

The issue should have been solved now.
(sorry, a bit late to update you, was away for a couple days)

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